Our favourite mint&berry moments from the Bread & Butter Event by Zalando in Berlin!

At this year’s Bread & Butter Event in Berlin, mint&berry introduced it’s new campaign #moreromance. The campaign deals with the theme of romance in terms of humanity, neighbourliness and showing empathy. The campaign’s limited #moreromance merch collection also launched on Friday, of which all proceeds will be going to the organisation Digitale Helden (digital heroes).


Against hate speech with #moreromance

One focus point of the campaign is how to deal with hate speech on the internet. Our aim being to raise awareness of an important current issue, to advocate for showing understanding, and promoting cunstructive conversation online.

Our ‘Wall of Romance’ featured an installation made up of the sentence „The World Needs More Romance“. The first four words were constructed of mean and hateful tweets, while the last word (romance) invited visitors of the event to stick post-it notes onto it containing positive messages in response.



mint&berry Romance Cam

Over the three days of Bread & Butter we had a mint&berry Romance Cam capture romantic gestures and moments. These were displayed in real time on screens on our ‘Wall of Romance’. This enabled visitors to participate and become not only part of the installation but our mission of spreading #moreromance.

Ran into our romance cam at the Bread & Butter event? Find your snap here!

“How to make Social Media a kinder place…”

The installations stood in close relation to our mint&berry panel talk on sunday. Presented by Johanna Klum, the discussion addressed the question „How to make Social Media a kinder place”. Well-known bloggers Jessica Weiss from Journelles and Nike van Dinther from This Is Jane Wayne as well as Liane Mallinger from the Facebook initiative #ichbinhier shared their personal experiences, insights, and advice concerning online hate speech.


Johanna Klum opened up the discussion with the question: “Where does hate speech begin and what can we do about it?”


Act thoughtfully

Jessica explained the importance of trying to understand hate speech as something that isn’T necessarily an attack on your personality, even if that can be difficult: „I’ve never written a bad comment in my life, neither have my friends. I assume this is because we are in a ‚good place‘. I think hate speech is a result of people not being content with themselves or their life. So I tell myself I don’t have to take it personally, it’s not about me, they are fighting with themselves. (…) As a blogger it is important to pay attention to how much of yourself you are willing to share. The more you share, the greater the surface for attack. Finding the right balance is helpful in terms of protecting yourself.“


Seek Dialogue

Nike van Dinther believes in dealing with negative comments constructively: „I believe it’s possible to have a dialog with ‚haters‘. I’m not going to concern myself with whether someone likes my shoes or not, that’s a superficial topic, but if someone reacts deeply emotional to something, I want to try and help that person – because of course I care! As an internet personality we shouldn’t become robots.


Creating Balance



Visitors had the chance to be the first to see our new merch, which launched on Friday. The limited pieces are available here. All proceeds will go to the organisation DIGITALE HELDEN (digital heroes). DIGITALE HELDEN are an organisation that trains young pupils to educate younger pupils in navigating the internet in terms of personal data and social networks, as well as online bullying prevention.


*The interviews from the panel talk have been condensed and edited.